The spring on my garage

The spring on my garage door broke and it was so heavy I could barely get it up, so contacted Garrett’s on a recommendation from a friend. Garrett’s responded quickly and sent Cliff and John out to confirm the problem and repair it if desired. Because of the brand door I had they recommended a spring conversion kit to make future repairs easier and less expensive. They did excellent work and completed the repair in a couple hours. But what amazed me the most was the knowledge Cliff had about garage doors and how to maximize their lifespan and mechanical operation. John was awesome, too, both working together to get the door up and to clean up after themselves afterwards (something you don’t see much any more!). Both were friendly, yet professional. My door was installed over 18 years ago, but due to the knowledge and attention to detail and operation, my door works quieter and is easier to lift now than ever, after Cliff made a few tweaks to the tracking system based on his lengthy experience with garage door installation and repair. I recommend this company to anyone, anywhere needing a garage door or repair. This company is responsive and knowledgeable and fair….what more can you ask for!? Give them a call…you won’t regret it.